Simultaneous Multiple Rallies against Media Bias & Prosecutors will be Held in Japan on 20 – 23 Nov 2010


Public distrust in main stream media, prosecutors & judicial authorities reached critical level in Japan. Two demonstrations were held in Tokyo on 24 October 2010 and 5 November 2010 as this blog have reported. It is turned out that citizen groups will organize several anti-media and anti-prosecutors rallies in several cities in Japan on between 20th and 23rd of November 2010 starting from the second largest city, Osaka on 20th. Schedules of the demonstrations in Osaka (20th), Nagoya (21st) ,Tokyo (21st), Niigata (23rd) and Fukuoka (23rd) were confirmed, and those in Sapporo and Sendai, are in the planning stage.

The public distrust and anger are derived directly from the series of unreasonable investigations by prosecutors who are told to be biased to the “ancient regime” against the reformist politician Ozawa Ichiro, and biased reports by the main stream media which apparently sides “ancient regime” giving Ozawa corrupted and evil image. Ozawa declared his will to be independent from the status of slavery under US, and make balance between Washington, Beijing and Tokyo as an equilateral triangle, and rule the bureaucrats in Japan who used to control the country since late 19th century. Some political analysts call his policy as “Ozawa Revolution” and the harsh attack by the prosecutors, media and the then ruling party LDP as the attack from “ancient regime”, the complex of the groups who try to keep the status of political slavery to US.

Main stream media in Japan are forming infamous kisha-club (reporters’ club) to exclude other reporters from other media and to monopolize the information from government office, which has been criticized by independent journalists, magazines and foreign press. Asahi Shimbun (Asahi Newspaper), one of the largest newspapers in Japan, is a good example of the media bias in Japan. Asahi still used to keep the democratic stance of left of centre and be hostile to LDP regime most of the time, however suddenly “converted” its stance from citizen side to authority side several years ago without declaring anything to the readers. This secret conversion made its readers angry and they started boycotting Asahi Shimbun. Despite of these movements, Asahi still keep the same attitude. As a result most of the main stream media in Japan are reporting in the uniformed tone and it is very difficult to find the different opinions in the newspapers and TV programmes in current Japan. The main stream media in Japan is creating images rather than reporting the facts, and trying to lead the public in favor of certain political groups, and giving too much influence on the parliamentary democracy. Simply you may describe the situation in Japan like this – if you control the media, you will control the government.

People who are fed up with the main stream media are gradually moving to alternative media especially internet media, although the internet media in Japan is still in the primitive stage.

The resistance movement took the shape of demonstrations and it is developing into the simultaneous multiple rallies in several cities in Japan. The schedules of the rallies confirmed (in Osaka,  Tokyo, Nagoya, Niigata and Fukuoka) are as follows. If the schedules of other rallies are confirmed, or if there are any changes, this blog will cover them on this page.

(Last Update: 19 November 2010, 23:45)

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*Time stated is in Japan time.


20 November 2010 (Sat)    Osaka

Time to gather:       Between 10:45 and 11:45
Starting Time:         11:45
Place to gather:       Utsubo kouen (Utsubo park)     Map Link (Japanese language)
Nearest Station:      Honmachi Station (Osaka City Subway:   Chuo Line, Yotsubashi Line or Midosuji Line)
Osaka Subway Route Map (English)
Duration:                About 1 hour and 20 minutes
Organizer’s Website (Japanese language)


21 November 2010 (Sun)   Tokyo (Shibuya)

Time to Gather:         12:30
Starting Time:            13:00
Place to Gather:        Keyaki Oodori (Keyaki Street), near to Shibuya District Hall
Map Link (Japanese language)
Organizer’s URL (Japanese language)


21 November 2010 (Sun)    Nagoya *Place to gather was changed!

Time to Gather:         13:30
Starting Time:            14:00
Place to Gather:        Between the TV tower & Fountain near “Hisaya Kousaten”, Wakamiya Oodoori, Naka-ku, Nagoya
Map Link (Japanese language)
Nearest Station:        1 minute walk from Yabacho Station (4th exit), Meijou Line, Nagoya metro
Related URL (Japanese language)


23 November 2010 (Tue, public holiday)       Niigata

Time to Gather:           13:45
Starting Time:              14:00
Place to gather:           Ishimiya Kouen (Ishimiya park)
Nearest Station:          Niigata Station, Bandai Exit
Related URL (Japanese language)


23 November 2010 (Tue, public holiday)       Fukuoka

Time to Gather:           13:30
Starting Time:              14:00
Place to gather:           Kego Kouen (Kego park)
Related URL (Japanese language)


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