Rally to Protest against Media Bias & Prosecutors in Osaka 20 Nov 2010

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Demonstration against Media Bias & Prosecutors will be held in Japan’s second largest city Osaka on November 2010 (Sat). In Japan main stream media such as large newspaper companies and TV stations has thrown away the spirit of sound journalism under the former LDP regime, and is broadcasting the propagandas in favour of minority elite class and trying to lead majority of the people who easily get influenced by the media.

When the prosecutors started the unreasonable investigation to Mr. Ozawa Ichiro (a reformist lawmaker and the most dangerous figure for the elite group who enjoy the vested interests), mass media attacked Ozawa harshly based on the leaked information from the prosecutors side (of course it is not legal for prosecutors to leak the information of the investigation to outsiders) and still keep on trying to pull Ozawa down giving the malicious and corrupted  image on him without giving any reasonable explanations, as if mass media and prosecutors are in one team (refer to the related articles listed below). Now Japanese people gradually started realizing that the main stream media and prosecutors as well as bureaucrats who often intervene and control politics from the outside of the parliament are the big obstacles to democracy in Japan, and population of the people who boycott newspapers and get information from internet media is increasing. Citizens organized the demonstrations to protest against media bias and prosecutors on 24 October 2010 and 5 November 2010 in capital city Tokyo. And now this movement to restore democracy is spreading to other cities in Japan. On 20 November 2010 (Sat) another citizen group will organize the rally in the centre of Osaka, second largest city in Japan and is calling for the participation through internet.

[Information of the Rally against Media Bias & Prosecutors in Osaka]

Date:                                 20 November 2010 (Saturday)
Time to gather:         between 10:45 and 11:45 (Japan time)
Place to gather:         Utsubo Kouen (Utsubo Park)
Map Link (Japanese language) (the position of the pointer)
Nearest Station:         Honmachi Station (Osaka City Subway (metro) )
(Chuo Line, Yotsubashi Line or Midosuji Line)
Osaka Subway Route Map (English)
Time to start:               11:45
Course:                             Utsubo Park – Midosuji – Namba –
Minatomachi – Naniwa Park (about 1 hour & half)
*If there is any change, I will update the information (Last update: 09 Nov 2010, 13:00 Japan time)
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