Calling for Massive Demonstration to Protest against Prosecutors’ Office & OCIP in Tokyo on 24 October (Sun)

[New info added, 23 Oct 20:30]

The demonstration will be held on 24 October (coming Sunday) in Tokyo in order to protest against the abuse of power of political power and mass media.

In Japan, major newspapers and major TV stations have been criticized for their biased reports to protect vested interests of the old regime including those of bureaucrats and mass media. Now many Japanese citizens believe that a series of the investigation & media reports against reformist politician Mr. Ozawa Ichiro is the trap by the old power side to end his political life.

After nearly 2 years investigation, Prosecutors’ Office was not able to find evidence to indict Mr. Ozawa, and they announced that they would drop the case against Mr. Ozawa. However a self-claimed “citizen group” used the system of Office & Committees for the Inquest of Prosecution (OCIP) which is able to check the case that has been dropped by prosecutors. Committee members are told to be chosen from the nationals by lot and members’ identities are not open to public. Committee members will have closed-door discussion with help from an assigned lawyer and if they judged it is worth indicting, they have power to indict despite the conclusion of Prosecutors’ Office.

Many legal experts pointed out that it is impossible to indict Mr. Ozawa, however the committee members have judged to indict him. However it was turned out that the committee had added another charge which must not be included in their discussion to their verdict. It is pointed out that the verdict itself is not valid legally. It is suspected that the assigned lawyer might have misled the committee members from the certain intention.

Regardless of those suspicions in the investigation of Prosecutors’ Office and the verdict of the OCIP, mass media continues harsh Ozawa-bashing requesting him to resign from Diet with neglecting the principle of assumed innocence.

On 24 October (Sun), people who protest the abuse of power of Prosecutors’ Office and the OCIP will gather in Japanese capital city Tokyo and have massive demonstration.

The information of the demonstration

Theme:       “Demonstration to protest Prosecutors’ Office & OCIP”

Organizer:  “Citizens who protest the abuse of the power & mass media”

Date & Time to gather:  24 October 2010 (Sun),    12:15 (Japan time)

Place to gather:  Mizutanibashi Kouen (Mizutanibashi Park)(behind of the Hotel Seiyou Ginza)

1-12 Ginza, Chuuou district, Tokyo  [Map Link (Japanese language)]

[Transportation] :
8 minute walk from Yaesu South Exit of  Tokyo Station (JR Line)/
8 minute walk from Kyobashi Exit of Yuurakucho Station (JR Line)/
1 minute walk from 7th Exit of Ginza 1choume Station (Metro Yuurakucho Line)/
5 minute walk from A12 Exit of Ginza Station (Metro Ginza Line)

Course:        Sotobori Doori (Sotobori street) – Hibiya Kouen (Hibiya park)

*This information was updated on 23 October, 20:30 Japan Time. If the further details are confirmed, I will cover in this blog.
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